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RIDOT reduces posting on Pontiac Avenue Bridge, Recent inspection prompts setting of a 10-ton weight limit for all vehicles


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) today announced that it has reduced the posted weight limit for the Pontiac Avenue Bridge (#201) in Cranston to 10 tons for all vehicles. Previously the bridge was posted at 19, 22 and 32 tons for two, three and five axle vehicles, respectively.

The bridge carries Pontiac Avenue over the Pocasset River in the Garden City section of Cranston.

“The Department apologizes for any inconvenience this new weight limit may cause, but safety is paramount,” RIDOT Director Michael P. Lewis said. “We are aggressively reviewing bridges in our inventory to ensure proper weight limits are in place if they need be.”

A recent load rating analysis of the bridge found that the weight limit needed to be reduced. The 38-foot long bridge was built in 1925 and its concrete T beams are deteriorating.

RIDOT does not have a scheduled repair project at this time, but is evaluating options for minor rehabilitation that would allow a return to the previous weight restriction. It should be noted that design criteria has changed since the bridge was built 83 years ago and the 19, 22 and 32-ton weight limits represented normal loads according to 1925 standards.

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