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RIDOT joins State and local police to crack down on speeding, police to enforce ‘Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine’ initiative


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is joining the State Police and local police departments to kick off a special four-day speed enforcement throughout Rhode Island. These dedicated patrols begin tomorrow and will continue through the upcoming weekend.

This campaign is called “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine,” and is being conducted to remind motorists of the consequences of speeding. Not only can speeding result in an expensive ticket, it can have deadly consequences. Last year there were 69 fatalities in Rhode Island and speed was a factor in the majority of these crashes.

“Rhode Island already has seen 42 traffic fatalities this year, many of which involved crashes in which excessive speed played a role,” RIDOT Director Michael Lewis said. “We are proud to support Rhode Island police officers in their efforts to enforce speed limits on our roads.”

The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure that the number of fatalities does not increase during the remaining part of 2008. This safety initiative will mark the second time a statewide speed reduction campaign has been implemented in a concerted effort to save lives by enforcing the speed limits.

“Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” is sponsored by RIDOT’s Office on Highway Safety.

Contact: Charles St. Martin 401-222-1362 x4007


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