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RIDOT Launches Redesigned Website


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has launched a redesigned and reorganized website. RIDOTís site now has many features in common with those at RI.gov, the award-winning Rhode Island web portal. The site continues to be located at http://www.dot.ri.gov.

RIDOT hopes that visitors will take a few minutes to explore the site, which has been reorganized. Its main navigation menu now includes several drop-down menus, allowing visitors quick access to a large number of RIDOT programs and topics.

Two major areas of the RIDOT site offering new features are Engineering and Traffic. Engineering is where visitors will now find Construction Projects, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Maps, and Intermodal Planning, in addition to topics previously found in the Engineering area.

The Traffic menu features links which go directly to RIDOTís Transportation Management Center (TMC.) This is where visitors will find traffic cameras images, current travel advisories, and congestion mapping. The new Traveling RI link in the Traffic menu offers information on all Rhode Island interstate exits, and links to rail, transit and air services.

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