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RIDOT setting up new traffic pattern on Wilbur Road Bridge


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced today that it will establish a new traffic pattern on the Wilbur Road Bridge, which passes over Route 146 in Lincoln. Motorists can expect to encounter the new pattern – which only allows for one lane, two-way alternating traffic – early tomorrow morning, Friday, November 7.

RIDOT is making this change because a recent bridge inspection found damaged beams that apparently had been struck by a vehicle traveling south on Route 146. The new traffic pattern places traffic over the bridge’s center beams, which are not damaged. Additionally, the bridge will be posted for an 18-ton limit. The bridge is safe for passage with this new traffic pattern.

Motorists will encounter stop signs and a painted stop line at each end of the bridge. Traffic laws require that when two vehicles approach the bridge at the same time, the first to arrive at the stop sign has the right of way. The Department urges motorists to drive carefully through this new traffic pattern and to wait at the stop sign if an oncoming vehicle already has started crossing the bridge.

RIDOT will monitor traffic conditions at the bridge and make any necessary adjustments to the traffic pattern. The new traffic pattern will be in place until the bridge is rehabilitated as part of a Route 146 resurfacing project that RIDOT expects to go to construction in 2009.

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