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Conant Street Bridge Replacement Postponed


The Conant Street Bridge, which is owned and maintained by the City of Pawtucket, was scheduled to be replaced by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT). While it was advertised this July, the project has been put on hold due to developments with Amtrak.

“RIDOT is committed to moving forward with the Conant Street Bridge’s replacement,” said Michael P. Lewis, RIDOT’s Director. “Unanticipated legal issues have developed and will mean that the Department will propose legislation in order to satisfy these concerns.”

“RIDOT has been an excellent partner and had been moving forward with the bidding process,” said Pawtucket Mayor James E. Doyle. “Unfortunately Amtrak is not able to allow RIDOT access to the area that is needed to replace this bridge and now this project will be delayed.”

The Conant Street Bridge was originally built in 1913 and carries Conant Street over Amtrak and the P&W Railroads between Mineral Spring Avenue and Barton and Weeden Streets in Pawtucket. The existing bridge was closed to traffic in 1990.

The existing bridge is a two span steel through girder bridge with steel floor beams, steel stringers, and a concrete bridge deck. The existing roadway consists of two 13-foot travel lanes with two 6-foot wide shoulders. The existing abutments are stone and the center pier is steel with a concrete base. The bridge carries gas and water lines with electric, telephone, and cable lines overhead.

When replaced the new bridge will be a single span truss structure with steel floor beams, steel stringers, and a concrete deck. The new roadway will have two 13-foot travel lanes and two 5-foot wide sidewalks.

The new bridge will be made of weathering steel which will develop a protective patina of rust over the base steel and will therefore require less maintenance. New concrete abutments will also be built to support the new truss structure. The bridge will carry the same utilities as the existing bridge.

Additionally, as part of the project, most of Conant Street will be repaved and the sidewalks reconstructed from the East abutment to just short of the Mineral Spring Avenue intersection.

The new bridge has been designed to carry all modern truck loads and has a design life of between 75 and 100 years. The estimated construction cost for this project is $7 million which includes all utility and railroad force account work.

“RIDOT is committed to working with all of the parties involved to come to a resolution and allow the Conant Street Bridge to be replaced as soon as possible,” said Lewis.

The Pawtucket delegation is working along with RIDOT and other City, State and Federal Officials to work with Amtrak and resolve any issues that would further delay the construction of the new bridge.


Contact: Dana Alexander Nolfe, 222-1362 x. 4450


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