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Division of Taxation debuts reservation system for amnesty appointments

PROVIDENCE, R.I. The Rhode Island Division of Taxation has launched an online reservation system for taxpayers who want to make appointments involving Rhode Island's new state tax amnesty program.

"Our new online reservation system is a convenience for taxpayers," said Rhode Island Tax Administrator Neena S. Savage. "It will save time and let you plan your schedule around your appointment with us.This new system also will help to ensure that we process inquiries in the most effective and efficient manner possible."

The address for the new online reservation system is:

A link to the new reservation system is also available on the amnesty website:

A link is also available at the top of the Division of Taxation website:

The new system is offered as part of the Division of Taxation's new state tax amnesty program.

"Under the terms of amnesty, if you pay what you owe in back taxes, we'll eliminate all penalties and erase 25 percent of the interest you owe," Savage said. "Now's the time to step forward and take advantage of the many benefits available under our amnesty program. Now's the time to clean your slate and get a fresh start."

Details of amnesty including forms, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and other information are on the agency's tax amnesty website, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the following address:

The Division of Taxation also has an amnesty phone bank to field amnesty questions from taxpayers, tax professionals, and others. Call (401) 574-8650. The phone bank is staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. business days. Or email:

"Although our amnesty website and phone bank are excellent sources of information and help, some taxpayers need in-person assistance with their amnesty-related matters. Their time valuable, and using our reservation system can be a great convenience," Savage said.

RESERVATION DETAILS When you click on the amnesty reservation link, you'll be transferred to a third-party website -- hosted by a Division of Taxation vendor, Stonewall Solutions -- where you'll be shown a calendar that lists available dates and times for service.

When registering for a reservation, you'll be asked to provide basic information, including the specific reason for your visit, as well as your name and email address.

The system will tell you what items of information you will need to bring to your appointment.

The system will also provide you with a confirmation barcode on-screen during the process, and by email. Just below the barcode will be your reservation number (also known as your "appointment code").

When you visit the Division of Taxation for your appointment, bring along your barcode or your reservation number for check-in purposes.

OTHER POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND Following are a few other points to keep in mind regarding the online reservation system for amnesty: ? A reservation is not required to make an amnesty-related in-person appointment at the Division of Taxation, but it is recommended in order to expedite the process and to help limit any wait times.

The Division of Taxation continues to provide service to walk-ins, whether they have an appointment or not. However, when it comes to amnesty-related matters, the Division encourages people to use the reservation system to make an appointment. ? If you are unable to keep your reservation, cancel it as soon as possible through the reservation website. That way, the time slot can be made available to another customer. (On the website, click "View/Cancel an Appointment.") ? If you've made an appointment, but later on decide that you must change it, go to the reservation website and click "View/Cancel an Appointment." ? If you can't find any open reservation times that suit you, check back on the site regularly, because additional slots may become available. ? You may use the online reservation system for all amnesty tax types except for those taxes overseen by the Division's Employer Tax section including state unemployment insurance tax (UI), temporary disability insurance tax (TDI), and the job development assessment. For information about amnesty involving taxes overseen by the Division's Employer Tax section, contact the section directly at (401) 574-8700.

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