DEM Boat Address Change

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Welcome to Rhode Island's online boat registration address change service.

Have you moved recently? Concerned that you won't receive your registration renewal notice in the mail when the time comes? Look no further! This online service will allow you to update your address for all your registered boats in one quick, easy transaction.

What you will need to update the address on your boat registrations:

  1. The boat owner's last name
  2. the zipcode on the boat registration.
  3. The date of birth of the boat owner
  4. Your boat registration number: This number can be found at the top of your boat registration certificate.
NOTE: You will NOT receive new copies of your current boat registrations in the mail after using this online service. This service will simply update the DEM's records. If you would like to obtain new registrations, you'll need to contact the DEM via phone at 401-222-6647 or view the DEM Boat Registration FAQ.


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