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All deer taken during the period November 3rd – 6th must be physically checked at a state operated biological check station; open 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. daily; except those deer taken on Patience, Prudence and Block Islands (Zones 3 and 4).

State operated check stations:

  • Arcadia Management Area: Rt. 165, Ten Rod Road, at Wood River, Exeter, Phone: 401-539-7117.
  • Carolina Management Area: Pine Hill Road, Richmond, Phone: 401-364-3483.
  • Durfee Hill Management Area: Reynolds Road (Rte 94), Glocester, Phone: 401-568-6753
  • Great Swamp Management Area: 277 Great Neck Road, West Kingston, Phone: 401-789-1636

The state operated check stations provide biologists with information on hunter success and gives them a chance to inspect and sample harvested game.

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