DEM OWTS (Septic System) Permit Search (after 1990)

Welcome to Rhode Island's online DEM Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) application search.

This page searches permitting activities administered by the state after 1990 for OWTS applications. Proper design and installation is essential to protect public health and avert the potential adverse impacts of OWTS on water resources.

Permit expiration dates may have changed due to Tolling statute. See the explanation on the DEM Web site for details.

To search OWTS permit status, enter the appropriate information below and click SEARCH. To search for information that is available on microfilm for systems prior to 1990, please visit the DEM website.

If a permit has been granted a Certificate of Conformance by the DEM, you can download a copy of that certification as a PDF image. Conforming permits will have a 'Generate Certificate of Conformance' button when viewing the details of that permit. Click on the button to download the certificate.

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