Update your DMV Information

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To use this online service, you will need to possess a Rhode Island driver's license.

If you have a CDL license, you will be able to update your mailing address only.

If you do not possess a Rhode Island driver’s license, please complete and mail a Change of Address form to the RI Division of Motor Vehicles.

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This service will allow you to change or verify the address(es) currently on file at the DMV. It is important that you provide accurate address information, as all notices and other DMV mail will be sent to the address on file.

Important: If you are registered to vote in RI, we will use your residence address to update where you are registered to vote. If you do not wish to update your voter registration address, you cannot use this online service. Please complete and mail a Change of Address form to the DMV.

Please note: You will not be receiving a new driver's license or registration certificate in the mail. Please visit your local DMV branch if you wish to obtain a new one with your updated information.

Important: P.O. boxes can't be accepted as a home/residence address.

To use this service with RI DMV, you will need:

  • Your current drivers license
  • Your vehicle registration(s) if you own or lease those vehicles