DMV Failure to Pay/Failure to Appear License Reinstatement Service

This service may be used to reinstate a license suspended due to a failure to appear for a court appearance and/or failure to pay court fines and/or costs. These appear as an 04 suspension on the Notice of Action you received from the DMV. Please allow at least 24 hours after receiving a court compliance for your reinstatement eligibility to be updated. Please allow for fifteen (15) minutes after successfully completing a transaction for the reinstatement to take effect in the RI DMV system.

Other license suspensions may not be reinstated online. Please contact the Adjudication office at to learn how to lift other suspensions

Upon completion of your license reinstatement transaction, you will be able to print a receipt and have it emailed to you. You will also be provided with a Notice of Restoration that may be printed and saved to your records.