Renew your vehicle registration online

After renewing online, you will receive your new registration certificate and decals. Please allow two weeks for processing. Print the confirmation page once you have completed your online renewal. This confirmation serves as your proof of registration.

Registration types available for online renewal:
  • Registrations for passenger vehicles can be renewed online at this time. However, restrictions may apply to some vehicles. See the full list of vehicles.
  • Leased vehicles can now be renewed online. However, leased vehicle owners will not be able to update or change the address on the registration. Your registration will be mailed to the address that appears on your current registration. If this is the address of the leasing company, you may need to contact the leasing company to obtain a copy of your new registration and decals.
To process your renewal, you will need:
  • Your current vehicle registration or renewal notice
  • Your current vehicle insurance card
  • A credit card and billing address
  • A printer connected to your computer in order to print your receipt