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Need to renew a vehicle registration?

Welcome to Rhode Island's Online Vanity Plate reservation service.

All you need is a Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card and a great idea for a vanity plate!

This online vanity plate service is available only for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles whose gross weight is not more than 9000 lbs.

RI Interactive price for vanity plate reservations: More info
  • Sailboat plate: $86.50
  • Wave plate: $72.50
  • Wave plate for motorcycle: $46.50

No refunds are available after completion of an online reservation.

Additional information:

  • Your online purchase is simply a reservation for your selected vanity plate and is still subject to review by the DMV.
  • Additional registration and transfer fees will be due when you pick up your vanity plates at the DMV.
  • Annual registration fees for vanity plates are higher than traditional plates. Please see the DMV's Vanity Plate information page for further information.