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FILE NO.: 20201
REQUESTED BY: Providence Fire Marshal Andrew Went
SUBJECT: Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide CO Alarm Inspections for One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Three Family Apartment Buildings
APPROVED ON: 2020-03-18
In accordance with the provisions of BV  20-01, Rhode Island Life Safety Code (RILSC)  sections and are hereby modified such that all mandated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm inspections required to be completed by the local fire department or the State Fire Marshals Office within ten (10) days of a request by a property owner, prior to the transfer of property title, are hereby suspended.

In lieu of the mandated inspections, the parties may comply with these sections by following one of the below options:
1.	Submitting to the satisfaction of the AHJ a video recording of the device(s) in question being tested; or,
2.	Submitting evidence of an escrow account established by the seller in an amount of one hundred fifty dollars (150.00) payable to the buyer in the event of a subsequent failed inspection.  Any such inspection suspended pursuant to this Directive shall, at the owners request, be performed within sixty (60) days following the termination of the Declaration of Disaster Emergency.  In the event of a failed inspection, the escrow account shall be forfeited to the buyer for the purpose of correcting any deficiencies.

Upon determination of the compliance with one of these options, the fire department or the State Fire Marshals Office shall issue a certificate of inspection.
This Emergency Blanket Variance shall take effect immediately and remain in full force and effect until such time that the Statewide Declaration of Disaster Emergency is renewed, modified or terminated pursuant to subsequent Executive Order.

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