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- A RESIDENT MEAL PLAN choice allows for an unlimited number of visits (meals) per week for each academic semester. The resident meal plans are priced per semester. There are no refunds for uneaten meals and no transfer of uneaten meals to another student.

- Access to meals is only through the use of a computerized, valid University of Rhode Island Student Identification Card and Biometric Hand Recognition. Meal Plans and Student Identification Cards may only be used by the person to whom they are issued. Guests must be accompanied by the authorized user.

- In Mainfare at Hope Commons and Butterfield Dining Hall portions are unlimited . All meals must be consumed in the Dining Hall; no food is allowed to be taken out.

- Three Grab-n-Go Combo Meals per day, 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM at Ram's Den, Rhody Market, or Ram Escape are provided for Campus Plus and Campus Premiere patrons. This allows the benefit of "Grab-n-Go" or the convenience of dining at these retail locations. Dining Services reserves the right to define the service times,eligible components, and portion sizes of the Combo Meals.

- Guest meals are included with each Resident Meal Plan. This means that a student may bring a guest to any meal at no charge six, ten, or twenty times during the course of an academic semester depending on their meal plan selection. Guest meals expire at the end of each semester. Students can also use their Ram Account to allow a guest to any meal or retail purchase at the full cash value of the meal or purchase respectively.

- A $20 fee from the Campus ID & Dining Office is charged to replace a lost I.D. card.

- Campus Premiere Plan includes $200 Ram Account and allows students to make purchases at retail locations. EACH DOLLAR IS WORTH ONE DOLLAR IN FOOD VALUE WHEN USED IN DINING HALL OPERATIONS OR RETAIL OPERATIONS. If guest meals are exhausted, Ram Account may be used to purchase meals for guests: $8.50 for breakfast; $11.50 for lunch and brunch; and $13.50 for dinner. Ram Account balances remaining at the end of the Fall Semester will be transferred and added to the second semester Resident Meal Plan selection. However, they may not be used as a substitute for a second semester meal plan since Ram Account does not cover the operational costs of the semester. Ram Account balances transfer from year to year until a student withdraws or graduates, at which time a student may request a refund of the unused balance less a $50.00 service charge. Students may, however, choose a different Resident Meal Plan for the Spring Semester if there is a need to rollover the balance at the end of the Fall semester. Students selecting a Campus Premiere Plan should carefully calculate the number of dollars they require based upon anticipated usage. The guaranteed availability of Ram Account funds is based upon the balance in a student's account. Additional Ram Account funds cannot be billed with tuition payment but can be purchased with a Visa/MasterCard later in the semester through our Dining Services web site.

Students contracting for a Resident Meal Plan with Ram Account allows students to make purchases at all participating on and off-campus Ram Account merchants and Ram Account enabled vending services such as beverages, snacks, laundry, printing, and copying. Students can use their Ram Account at Dining Services Retail Operations: Rhody Market at Hope Commons features Ice Cream Machine, Upper Crust, and Common Grounds. Ram's Den at Memorial Union features the Food Court, Asian Jump, and Denelli's Deli. Ram Escape, also located in the Memorial Union serves Starbucks, Smoothies, and Grab-n-Go options. Starbucks coffee and snacks are available at the Daily Grind in the Library. Corner Store at Hope Commons offers market groceries and prepared foods.

I have read the aforementioned contract and realize that by clicking on the submit button I am agreeing to the terms of the contract in full. If you are a parent please be advised that your student must read the contract also, and by clicking on the submit button the student is also agreeing to the terms of the contract. Any changes to your dining plan will be made within two business days after you have submitted this form. Please remember to print your confirmation email, or receipt and keep it for your personal records as proof of this transaction.