Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Administrative Procedures Act Regulatory Manual OMB__Adm_Procedures_Act_Regulatory_Manual.pdf OMB 2016-08-01 Provides executive branch agencies with guidance on how to comply with the Administrative Procedures Act as updated in 2016. The APA sets out the process for creating, amending and repealing state regulations.
Analyzing Regulatory Benefit and Costs OMB_Analyzing-Regulatory-Benefits-and-Costs.pdf OMB 2015-09-01 Provides guidance on how to perform benefit cost analysis on policy and regulations. Analysis of societal benefit and costs is required by the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) for all new and amended regulations
Budget Adjustments to the Enacted Budget OMB_Budget_Adjustments_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 The purpose of this policy is to establish rules and guidelines for agencies requesting to spend above appropriations contained in the enacted budget.
Budgetary Control Policy OMB_Budgetary_Controls_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 The purpose of this policy is to establish budgetary rules and guidelines for agencies in the RIF ANS accounting and Ocean State Procures systems.
Fiscal Notes for Regulatory Actions ORR_Fiscal_Note_Enterprise_Policy_May_2024.pdf OMB 2024-05-22 Policy outlines requirements for analyzing fiscal impacts of proposed regulatory actions, such as new, increased, or decreased expenditures, revenue changes, or compliance costs.
OMB Quarterly Report and Corrective Action Plan Policy OMB_Quarterly_Reports_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 Policies and procedures for the development of quarterly reports and agency corrective action plans.
ORR Regulatory Review Submission Guidance OMB_ORR-_Regulatory_Review-Submission-Guidance.pdf OMB 2016-09-01 Provides step by step instuctions for how to submit executive branch regulations to the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) for review. Agencies submit all regulations to ORR's online system before they move forward in the rulelmaking process.
Overtime Policy OMB_Overtime_Policy_6-5-19.pdf OMB 2019-06-05 Establishes overtime approval processes and procedures to ensure that the use of overtime work is kept to a minimum consistent with the needs and requirements of administration of State government.
Quarterly Reports Policy Quarterly_Reports_OMB.pdf OMB 2018-10-01 The State Budget Officer must submit quarterly reports of anticipated year-end balances.
Re-appropriation of State Funds OMB_Reappropriations_Policy_7-26-18.pdf OMB 2018-07-26 State agencies may re-appropriate unspent funds from the prior fiscal year under certain conditions.