Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
A-15a Imprest Checking Accounts A-15a_Imprest_Checking_Accounts_9-13-19.pdf OAC 2019-05-17 The policy/procedure applies to State departments and agencies that 1) wish to establish a new imprest checking account and/or 2) are currently managing one or more imprest checking accounts.
A-15b Petty Cash Funds and Change Funds A-15b-Petty_Cash_Funds_and_Change_Funds.pdf OAC 2019-07-01 This policy provides guidance and instructions to State departments and agencies that wish to establish a new petty cash fund or change fund and/or are currently managing one or more petty cash funds or change funds.
A-16 Federal Account Management A-16_Federal_Account_Management.pdf OAC 2019-07-01 The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to state agencies on how to manage the cash balances in their federal accounts more effectively.
A-17 Internal Service Fund Agency Billings A-17_Internal_Service_Funds_Agency_Billings.pdf OAC 2019-07-01 The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to state agencies on how to ensure that their periodic charges from the state's various internal service funds are allocated correctly among their various expenditure accounts.
A-19 Repairs to Insured State Property A-19_RepairsInsuredStateProperty.pdf OAC 2016-10-11 Policy outlines requirements and procedures when insured state property has been damaged.
A-20 Internal Service Funds A-20_InternalServiceFunds.pdf OAC 2008-01-01 Policy outlines internal service funds procedure and requirements.
A-36 Payments for Refreshments, Lunches, Dinners, Etc. A-36_PaymentsRefreshmentsFood.pdf OAC 2016-05-01 Policy outlines circumstances under which purchase of food and beverages is allowed. Details procedures to make said purchases.
A-44 Bank Depository Accounts A-44_BankDepositoryAccounts.pdf OAC 2016-10-28
A-56 Restricted Account Indirect Cost Recovery Assessment A-56_RestrictedAccountIndirectCostRecoveryAssessment.pdf OAC 2016-10-19
A-65 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Impairment of Capital Assets and Insurance Recoveries A-65_ImpairmentOfCaptialAssets.pdf OAC 2016-03-18
A-68a Emergency Food Purchases - EMA A-68a_EmergencyFoodPurchases.pdf OAC 2018-09-07 Policy allows EMA to use a state purchase card for food for EMA staff when required to work outside normal shift due to preparation, or response to an emergency/disaster.
A-69 Personal Use of State-Issued Cellular Phones and Other State-Provided Portable Communications Devices A-69_Usage_of_State_Issued_Cellular_Phones_and_Other_State_Provided_Communications_Devices_Policy.pdf OAC 2019-03-19 Provides guidance on the use by State employees of State-issued cell phones or other portable communication devices, including the use of such devices for personal reasons.
A-7 Payments for Grant Awards Funded Exclusively with General Revenue A-7_GrantAwardsGeneralRevenue.pdf OAC 2016-07-01 Policy outlines payments for grant awards funded using general revenue at all executive branch agencies.
A-70 Procedure for Inactive RIFANS Users A-70_InactiveRIFANSUsers.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for removal of inactive RIFANS users.
A-72 RIFANS Open Invoice Report A-72_OpenInvoiceReportRIFANS.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for agencies using RIFANS regarding the use of the Open Invoice Report.
A-74 Expedited Payment Discount A-74_ExpeditedPaymentDiscount.pdf OAC 2018-07-01 To provide an opportunity for expedited payment for State vendors, while also reducing the cost to the State through discounts.
A-75 OSP Receipt Processing A-75_OSP_Receipt_Processing_Signed_10_6_2020.pdf OAC 2020-10-01 To provide guidance to RI State employees utilizing the Ocean State Procures system ("OSP") to determine how and when to use receipts when processing invoices for payment.
A-76 OSP Two-Way Match Invoice Process A-76_2_Way_Match_Vendors_Signed_10_6_2020.pdf OAC 2020-10-01 To provide guidance to RI State employees utilizing the Ocean State Procures system ("OSP") regarding the use of two-way matching for processing certain invoices for payment.
A-8 Journal Entry Approval and Documentation Requirements A-8_JournalEntryApprovalRequirements.pdf OAC 2017-08-07 Policy outlines approval requirements for Accounts and Controls journal entries.
Accounting for Interagency Cooperative Agreements AC_110_A-10_Accounting_for_Interagency_Cooperative_Agreements.pdf OAC 2003-07-01 This is the applicable policy and guidelines for dealing with interagency cooperative agreements.