Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
A-19 Repairs to Insured State Property A-19_RepairsInsuredStateProperty.pdf OAC 2016-10-11 Policy outlines requirements and procedures when insured state property has been damaged.
A-20 Internal Service Funds A-20_InternalServiceFunds.pdf OAC 2008-01-01 Policy outlines internal service funds procedure and requirements.
A-36 Payments for Refreshments, Lunches, Dinners, Etc. A-36_PaymentsRefreshmentsFood.pdf OAC 2016-05-01 Policy outlines circumstances under which purchase of food and beverages is allowed. Details procedures to make said purchases.
A-44 Bank Depository Accounts A-44_BankDepositoryAccounts.pdf OAC 2016-10-28
A-56 Restricted Account Indirect Cost Recovery Assessment A-56_RestrictedAccountIndirectCostRecoveryAssessment.pdf OAC 2016-10-19
A-65 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Impairment of Capital Assets and Insurance Recoveries A-65_ImpairmentOfCaptialAssets.pdf OAC 2016-03-18
A-68a Emergency Food Purchases - EMA A-68a_EmergencyFoodPurchases.pdf OAC 2018-09-07 Policy allows EMA to use a state purchase card for food for EMA staff when required to work outside normal shift due to preparation, or response to an emergency/disaster.
A-69 Personal Use of State-Issued Cellular Phones and Other State-Provided Portable Communications Devices A-69_StateCellPhonePersonalUse.pdf OAC 2017-10-01 Provides guidance on the use by State employees of State-issued cell phones or other portable communication devices, including the use of such devices for personal reasons.
A-7 Payments for Grant Awards Funded Exclusively with General Revenue A-7_GrantAwardsGeneralRevenue.pdf OAC 2016-07-01 Policy outlines payments for grant awards funded using general revenue at all executive branch agencies.
A-70 Procedure for Inactive RIFANS Users A-70_InactiveRIFANSUsers.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for removal of inactive RIFANS users.
A-72 RIFANS Open Invoice Report A-72_OpenInvoiceReportRIFANS.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for agencies using RIFANS regarding the use of the Open Invoice Report.
A-74 Expedited Payment Discount A-74_ExpeditedPaymentDiscount.pdf OAC 2018-07-01 To provide an opportunity for expedited payment for State vendors, while also reducing the cost to the State through discounts.
A-8 Journal Entry Approval and Documentation Requirements A-8_JournalEntryApprovalRequirements.pdf OAC 2017-08-07 Policy outlines approval requirements for Accounts and Controls journal entries.
Accounting for Interagency Cooperative Agreements AC_110_A-10_Accounting_for_Interagency_Cooperative_Agreements.pdf OAC 2003-07-01 This is the applicable policy and guidelines for dealing with interagency cooperative agreements.
Appointment of Authorized Agents AC_106_A-6_Appointment_of_Authorized_Agents_Revised_12-1-14.pdf OAC 2014-12-01 To relieve directors of certain responsibilities, an authorized agent may act on behalf of the appointing director.
Bond Fund Expenditures AC_217_E-17_Bond_Fund_Expenditures.pdf OAC 2003-05-01 Guidelines governing the expednitures of bond funds.
Cash Receipts Cut-Off and Revenue Recognition AC_161_A-61_Cash_Receipts_Cut-Off_and_Revenue_Recognition.pdf OAC 2014-01-23 Polciy aimed at ensuriong that the state is consistent with its financial reporting with the modified accrual basis.
Emergency Food Purchases (state closure) AC_170_A-68_Emergency_Food_Purchases__State_Closure__02-01-15.pdf OAC 2015-02-01 Guidelines governing food purchases during a state of emergency.
Employer Provided Vehicles AC_151_A-51_Employer_Provided_Vehicles_revised_Oct_2014.pdf OAC 2014-01-14 Rules and regulations governing the use and the accountability of State Agency vehicles
Expenditure Recognition and Accounts Payable Cutt-Off AC_162_A-62_Expenditure_Recognition_and_Accounts_Payable_Cut-Off.pdf OAC 2014-01-23 Policy which defines expenditures, timing of expedniture recognition, process for recording other account payable at year end, payables relating to construction projects.