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Office of Energy Resources Publishes Report Addressing Regulatory Issues Affecting Electric Vehicles

Providence, R.I. - The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) has published a House Resolution Report addressing regulatory issues affecting electric vehicles. In 2014, Representative Deborah Ruggiero introduced and the Rhode Island House of Representatives passed House Resolution H-7726 "respectfully requesting the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources commence an investigation of the issues affecting PEVs with the goals of facilitating plug-in electric vehicle adoption, maintaining and enhancing system reliability, minimizing cost, and maximizing environmental benefits." The resolution tasked OER with identifying regulatory issues affecting electric vehicles and outlining a timeline and goals to address such issues.

"I would like to thank the Office of Energy Resources for its continued leadership on this important issue," Representative Ruggiero said. "I am pleased that the passage House Resolution H-7726 has resulted in collaboration between state government, business owners and other organizations to identify and resolve the regulatory issues surrounding electric vehicles. I am committed to making it easier for dealers and prospective buyers to get more electric vehicles on the road and will continue working with our state departments and stakeholders to further the goals acknowledged in the report."

As a result of the report, OER has taken steps to collect data and solicit feedback from stakeholders through a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Working Group that was formed in 2014. The working group includes OER, the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and Ocean State Clean Cities (OSCC) and is designed to bring state and quasi-state agencies, private and non-profit companies, auto dealers, and utility providers together to discuss ways to promote the responsible growth of the ZEV market in Rhode Island.

"This report provides a summary of the ongoing collaborative work underway to support the increased deployment of alternative clean transportation solutions and highlights opportunities and challenges still to be addressed by policymakers and stakeholders to further enhance Rhode Island's transportation energy sector," Commissioner Gold said. "OER looks forward to working diligently on these tasks with local and regional stakeholders to improve the efficiency and security of transportation on behalf of all Rhode Island residents, businesses, and communities."

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, a division within the Rhode Island Department of Administration works closely with private and public stakeholders to increase the reliability and security of our energy supply, reduce energy costs and mitigate against price volatility, and improve environmental quality.

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