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Frequently asked questions

Does the on-line process entirely replace the manual registration process?

Yes. Paper filings will not be accepted. The online filing process is the only available form of filing registration renewals and adding/deleting brand registrations.

How do I know that the registration has been approved/accepted?

A: All registrations are immediately accepted. However, there is a 24-hour processing period before your registration is on file at the Department of Business Regulation. Also, the Department of Business Regulation reserves the right to review, or "spot check" any or all registrations that are submitted via the online service.

Will the Department of Business Regulation require both the COLA approval and a seperate label set in the on-line process?

A: No. Submitting the COLA TTB number is all that is necessary for label registration through the online service. For manual, or paper registrations, the label set must still be submitted.

Is notarizing eliminated in the on-line process?

A: Yes. No notorization, or submission of  notorization is necessary through the online service.

Is pricing required at the time of registration, when new brands/products are being listed through the online process?

A: No. Pricing is not required at the time of registration. However, price and or shipment postings are required by the Department of Business Regulation. There is no formality to the report sent, you may use any format. It is preferred that you email the price/shipment postings directly to, If needed, you can mail in a hard copy to the department.

What is the annual renewal process?

A: The certificate of compliance must be renewed by November 30th of every year. The online renewal process opens on September 1st. Any renewal processed on December 1st or later will be imposed a late fee of $25.00 PER label. There are no grace periods or refunds for a late renewal.

During the renewal period, you will be given the option to renew by clicking on the Renew button (1) on the welcome screen:

screen one


During the renewal process you will be given the option to apply for new registration of new labels (2), or delete existing labels (1) from your registration:

screen two


Our Company only has an American Express Credit Card, how to we proceed?

A: At this time the only credit cards accepted for subscriber or instant payment are Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. If you do not have these payment options, you will have to choose the option to become a subscriber. You will be able to pay by check or ACH. Please note there is a $75 yearly fee, that will be included on the first invoice.

screen three


How do we handle adding a new label?

A: Application for registration of new labels can be accomplished by clicking on the by clicking the Add Labels button on the welcome screen (1):

screen three


How are fees calculated and assessed?

A: Yearly renewal of label certification costs $40 per label. A $1 convenience fee per label will be added for subscribers. For one-time credit card users, a $2 convenience fee per label will be applied.

Registration for new label certification will be charged a prorated fee based on the month of registration using the following chart:

Month of Application Cost Per Label
January $36.63
February $33.30
March $29.97
April $26.64
May $23.31
June $19.98
July $16.65
August $13.32
September $9.99
October $6.66
November $3.33
December $40.00

New Label registrations that are done during the renewal period but after submission of your yearly renewal will be assessed the $40 renewal charge in addition to the new label application fee. Also, a $1 convenience fee per label will be added for subscribers. For one-time credit card users, a $2 convenience fee per label will be applied.

What is my Company ID and where can I locate it?

A: Your Company Identification number is assigned to you by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation (DBR) Liquor Control - (401) 462-9506. Call LeeAnn Desilets - Asst. Administrative Officer, at (401) 462-9544 or email if you do not know your ID number.

What if the product I am registering does not have a TTB ID Number?

A: If your product has 8.4% or less of alcohol, and/or does not require a TTB ID Number you will input 14 zeros in the TTB Field.

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