To help expedite your renewal:

Companies may log in and print their list of registered substances for review.

After finalizing your product decisions on paper, you may return here to complete the online renewal process.

Welcome to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's Agriculture Product Registration online application.

This application enables you to renew your product registration for the following product types:
Commercial fertilizers, commercial feeds, agricultural liming materials, soil amendments, and pesticides.
You will need the following to complete this application:
  1. A valid Rhode Island DEM issued Company ID Number for each product type renewed
  2. In lieu of a Rhode Island DEM Company ID for pesticides: Company EPA Number can be used
  3. VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or a checking account that allows automatic payments
  4. A complete list of product names that you wish to renew

Each transaction is subject to a $5 filing fee for each category of products renewed and an additional per-product fee for each product renewed. For more information, please consult the Help page or call the Agriculture division at the Department of Environmental Management at 401-222-2781.

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