Frequently asked questions

I donít know the DEM-assigned company number, or canít access the online service with the DEM-assigned number I have on file. Who do I contact?
The companyís DEM-assigned number is printed on the mailing label of the renewal postcard notice your company received. If that postcard is unavailable, please call the RI DEM Agriculture Division at 401-222-2781 to obtain the company number.
Iím getting a message that my products have already been renewed, and I have more to renew.
Manufacturers can only submit one renewal order through the online service. If more products need to be renewed, please contact the Agriculture Division at the number listed above.
Can our company do an ACH credit to DEMís bank account?
No. DEM offers two payment methods Ė by credit card or by eCheck (ACH debit).
There is a product on our list that needs to be canceled. How do I do that?
If a company wants to cancel a product, just select Ďnoí in the renewal list. By not renewing, the product will be removed from the companyís list.
My company or product information isnít correct in your system.
Only DEM can update company or product information. Please contact DEM directly at the number provided above. Updates are completed at the end of each business day, so please wait until the next business day before visiting the online service to confirm the update and complete your transaction.
I am a new or recently bought/sold company. My DEM number isnít working. Why?
The DEM database updates the application nightly, so new customers or customers with changes to their businesses must wait at least one business day until those changes are reflected on the online application.
Please explain the fee structure.
The state of RI charges a statutory fee that varies by product. Companies pay the per-product renewal fee and a $5 online filing fee (regardless of the number of products submitted). Customers paying by electronic check will receive a discount at checkout.
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