Welcome to the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle's Online Customer Inquiry Service.

This application allows RI.gov subscribers to check a customer’s record for the purpose of determining whether there may be a block or suspension on the customer’s record that would prevent them from registering a vehicle. To locate the record, please utilize either the Customer ID or the Customer Credential Number (License/CDL or State ID) and expiration date. Customer ID will be used most commonly for businesses. The Customer ID can be found on new registration certificates (those printed on standard paper and produced after 7/5/2017). It is the eight-digit number below the barcode. Do not enter any letters that may appear below the barcode.

When the customer record is found, the system will indicate the type of block or suspension, if any, and provide information for the customer to resolve the situation.

Due to Federal disclosure rules, this service does not display whether or not the customer has an Income Tax Block. Users should work with the customer to determine if such a block exists.

If you are not a RI.gov subscriber but are interested in becoming one, please visit https://www.ri.gov/subscriber/. Subscribers will also need to have a signed Certificate of Acceptable Use Policy on file with the Rhode Island DMV to access this service. Instructions for receiving and completing a Certificate of Acceptable Use Policy may be found here.

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