Attention: Please wait at least 20 minutes before requesting a duplicate registration If you have recently renewed your registration, otherwise your duplicate registration may contain outdated vehicle information.

This service may be used to download and print a duplicate vehicle registration certificate. Registrations obtained through the service will be considered valid by the DMV and law enforcement for the purposes of demonstrating ownership and allowing operation of a motor vehicle in the State of Rhode Island.

Please have the address and plate information associated with the registration you wish to duplicate ready prior to using this service. You must have access to a printer to use this service as a duplicate registration will not be mailed to you. A digital copy of your registration will also be sent to the email provided through this transaction. No refunds are available after completion of your duplicate request.

If your vehicle registration needs to be renewed, you may do so online at

Please note that replacement registration stickers are not available through this online service. Please visit the DMV website for up-to-date instructions on replacing stickers.