Licensed Driver Record Validation

This is a certified copy of a Rhode Island motor vehicle driver record. The certification process below prevents any fraudulent changes to the driver record. Entering the driver record validation code below verifies that this a copy of the exact driver record from the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle with the date and time stamp when the actual record was retrieved.

For additional questions regarding the validity of a Rhode Island motor vehicle driver record, please contact the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles Operator Control at 401-462-0800.

Enter your name, the validation code, and driver's information below to validate and view a driver record that was printed from this citizen driver record retrieval online service within the last 180 days.

Obtain a validated record
  • By checking this box, I hereby certify that one of the following statements is true:
    • I am the person described in the driving record that I am about to retrieve.
    • I am authorized by the driver to retrieve this record for reasons as stipulated by the Driver's Privacy Protection Act.