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Form TX-17 Help - Quarterly Wage Records Entry Options

Fill in an Online Form:

· You will use our online form to enter the first initial, last name, social security number and wages earned for up to 20 employees. If you have more than 20 employees, this option will not be available.

Fill in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet:

· A properly formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is available here. You will need to complete this spreadsheet and then upload it to the application. This option is available if you have less than 200 employees.

Upload a properly formatted employee wage record file:

· If you already have a quarterly wage record file formatted to current Rhode Island specifications for reports on magnetic media, you can choose this option to upload that file. This option is always available regardless of the number of employees.

Download specifications for the formatted wage record file

· Not certain if your Formatted Magnetic Wage Record File meets the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Format? Sign into your account and test your file.

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