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City Council Authorizes Submission

Following a public hearing held on January 18, 2004, the East Providence City Council authorized the submission to the 2006-2007 Transportation Improvement Program and Transportation Enhancement Program for the following projects:

1. Roger William Avenue Reconstruction (North Broadway to Thatcher Street) 2. Pawtucket Avenue Corridor Study (from Bradley Hospital to Willet Avenue) 3. Warren Avenue/Broadway Corridor Enhancement Project 4. Bullocks Point Avenue Enhancement (Crescent Avenue to Rose Larisa Park) 5. Crescent View Avenue Enhancement Project (Bullocks Point Avenue to Willet Avenue) 6. Taunton Avenue Streetscape Enhancement Project 7. North Broadway Resurfacing Project (Orlo Avenue to Greenwood Avenue)

The above projects will be submitted to the Rhode Island Transportation Enhancement Advisory Committee for their review and approval on February 4, 2005. For any questions, please contact Jeanne M. Boyle, Planning Director at 435-7530.

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