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The Ethics Commission held its 18th meeting of 2009 on December 1, 2009.

Ethics Commission Meeting December 1, 2009 At the 18th meeting of the Commission in 2009, the Commission issued the following advisory opinions:

A.O. 2009-44 to John J. Tassoni, Jr., a legislator serving in the Rhode Island Senate, opining that he is prohibited by the Code of Ethics from providing arbitration and mediation services to state agencies, but that, because the master price agreement and qualified provider list maintained by the Division of Purchasing is regularly utilized by municipalities and other non-state entities, the Petitioner may enter into the master price agreement and remain on the list of qualified providers, subject to the limitations outlined in the advisory.

A.O. 2009-45 to James V. Isherwood, Chairman of the Lime Rock Fire District Commission, regarding the restrictions that the Code of Ethics places on him in carrying out his duties as a member of that entity, given that his son is a firefighter employed by the Lime Rock Fire District.

A.O. 2009-46 Joseph R. Ballirano, Esq., a private attorney who performs legal work on an hourly basis for the Town of Johnston Zoning Board of Review, through the Town Solicitor’s Office, opining that he is an independent contractor and thus is not limited by the Code of Ethics in seeking zoning relief from the Zoning Board of Review.

A.O. 2009-47 to Denise L. Stetson, the Richmond Town Planner, a municipal appointed position, opining what limitations are placed upon her by the Code of Ethics when she hires a surveyor or engineer to do map work to submit to FEMA to adjust a flood plain area before new FEMA maps are adopted in February.

A.O. 2009-48 Judith Hetherman, CPA, a member of the Coventry School-Related Personnel Pension Committee, opining that, barring any other relationship that would implicate provisions of the Code of Ethics, the Petitioner is not prohibited from serving on the Pension Committee or participating in matters pertaining to Angell Pension Group, notwithstanding the fact that her sister-in-law is employed by that entity, which is a third- party consultant under contact to help administer the pension plan.

The Commission continued the advisory request of Danielle R. Coulter, a member of the Tiverton School Committee, at the Petitioner's request.

The Commission had discussion re: Receipt of request for amendment of Regulation 5009.

The Commission continued the report from Legal Counsel regarding due process issues.

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