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Rain and Plenty of It


RIEMA – Cranston, RI – The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency urges residents to take precautionary measures when traveling during this wet weather event. Rain accumulations have already totaled almost three inches in some parts of the state and two more inches are expected through Friday.

A flood warning is currently in effect for the Pawtuxet River at Cranston. The river will likely remain in a minor flood stage with some fluctuations at least through today. The rains will produce a strong rise on other rivers and streams, and a flood watch has also been issued for a combination of rain and snowmelt runoff across most of the area. Urban flooding is also likely to occur.

There is a concern for some minor coastal flooding this evening. Some inundation flooding is possible within an hour of high tide in upper reaches of Narragansett Bay tonight.

RIEMA will be closely monitoring flood conditions and the potential for flooding or other hazardous conditions through the weekend.

RIEMA also makes the following recommendations:

• DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED AREA – More people drown in their cars than anywhere else. Cars can be swept away in just 2 feet of moving water. Do not drive around road barriers. They are there for a reason. The road or bridge may be washed out or structurally unsound. If your car becomes trapped in floodwaters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground. Many deaths have resulted from attempts to move stalled vehicles.

• AVOID POWER LINES AND ELECTRICAL WIRES – Electrocution is also a major killer in floods. Electrical current can travel through water. Report downed power lines to your utility company or local emergency manager. Always assume a downed wire is a live wire.

• LOOK BEFORE YOU STEP – After a flood, the ground and floors are covered with debris, including broken bottles and nails. Floors and stairs that have been covered with mud can be very slippery.

• NEVER USE OUTDOOR COOKING APPLIANCES OR GENERATORS INDOORS – Carbon monoxide poisoning is life threatening.

• CLEAR ROOFS AND GUTTERS – Heavy wet snow and excessive rain can cause collapse to roofs and other buildings such as sheds and storage units. Closely monitor accumulations and safely clean areas if possible.

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) is the state agency responsible for coordinating federal, state, and local resources to protect the public during disasters and emergencies. RIEMA helps develop plans for effective response to all hazards, trains emergency personnel, provides information to families and communities, and assists in recovery from disaster losses. You can learn more about RIEMA by visiting the RIEMA homepage at

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