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Rhode Island Awards $4.7 Million in Recovery Act Grants for Renewable Energy Projects to Businesses, Municipalities and Community Organizations

Governor Donald L. Carcieri and the Office of Energy Resources today announced that $4.7 million in Recovery Act funds have been conditionally awarded to 25 businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations throughout Rhode Island for renewable energy projects. Grant awards are conditional upon meeting all local, state and federal permitting and environmental rules and regulations. Projects must not conflict with historic preservation requirements and may require additional information by the US Department of Energy.

Funding for this program was made available through a grant to Rhode Island from the federal Department of Energy’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program (SEP). The non-utility scale renewable energy program, administered by the Office of Energy Resources, is designed to offset up to 25 percent of project cost. The Office of Energy Resources has accepted applications and made conditional awards for two rounds of funding. A third round of funding may be available upon completion of the second round of funding.

“The level and quality of proposals exceeded expectations, and I am heartened that in these difficult times Rhode Islanders thought creatively and sought to pursue green energy opportunities,” said Governor Donald L. Carcieri. “Supporting the use of renewable energy on the commercial, non-profit and government levels is a worthwhile investment. These projects will result in good jobs and allow our businesses to make long-term investments that will reduce energy costs and save money.”

Renewable energy projects include biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro-electric installations, as well as any other proven and accepted renewable energy system. Businesses could apply for up to $500,000 for projects, and municipalities and institutions that serve or house 1000 or more persons, were eligible to apply for a maximum of $750,000.

The application process was competitive among type of applicant and type of renewable-energy system. Within each category selections were based on job creation, energy production, funds leveraged from other sources to complete a project, and the cost effectiveness of the system.

“As a state, we have made a commitment to support renewable energy projects, both municipal and commercial,” continued Governor Carcieri. “Continued funding from the Recovery Act allows us to support significant renewable energy projects on the commercial and municipal levels that will have a long term positive impact on our state.”

Applicants receiving notice include two large scale commercial/industrial projects totaling $577,560 (12.33% of the total allocation), eleven Community and Institutional organizations totaling $3,542,464 (75.63% of the total allocation), and twelve small business projects totaling $563,738 (12.04% of the total allocation). Below please find the complete list of recipients of conditional awards.

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