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The Commission held its 13th meeting of 2010 on July 20th.

Ethics Commission Meeting July 20, 2010

At the 13th meeting of the Commission in 2010, the Commission issued the following advisory opinions:

A.O. 2010-35 to David A. Coughlin, a member of the Pawtucket School Committee, opining as to the limitations that the Code of Ethics places on him, given that he has a child who is a student in the Pawtucket School District, and a brother and sister-in-law who are teachers in the school district.

A.O. 2010-36 to Jeanne-Marie DiMasi, an Administrative Assistant for the Rhode Island Secretary of State, Division of Business Services, opining that the Code of Ethics does not inherently prohibit her from seeking election to or holding office as a member of the Rhode Island State Democratic Committee, notwithstanding her public employment.

The Commission granted a Motion to Enlarge Time in the matter of In re: Charles D. Moreau, Complaint No. 2010-2.

In the matter of In re: Stephen Durkee, Complaint Nos. 2010-3 & 2010-4, the Commission found Probable Cause did not exist to believe that the Respondent violated the Code of Ethics as to three of the allegations contained therein, and approved an Informal Resolution and Settlement as to the fourth.

The Commission reviewed and took an initial vote to adopt the proposed General Commission Advisory (GCA): Architect Members of State and Local Historic Preservation Commissions Appearing before their Respective Agencies.

The Commission received a Legislative Update from staff.

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