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RI Ethics Commission held its 16th meeting of 2010 on September 14, 2010

Ethics Commission Meeting September 14, 2010

At the 16th meeting of the Commission in 2010, the Commission issued the following advisory opinions:

A.O. 2010-44 to Michael P. Quinn, Chairperson of the Criminal Justice Policy Board ("CJPB"), opining that members of the CJPB who are employed by other public agencies need not recuse from voting to approve spending allocations performed by the Public Safety Grant Administration Office, notwithstanding the fact that the individual member's public agency may receive funds through that allocation.

The Commission withdrew General Commission Advisory No. 8 concerning Architect Members of Historic Preservation Commissions, and replaced it through the adoption of GCA 2010-1, entitled, "Historic Architects Who Are Members of Historic District Commissions."

The Commission held its annual election of officers, voting unanimously to maintain the current slate of officers:  Chairperson: Barbara Binder Vice-Chair: Ross Cheit Secretary: J. William W. Harsch

The Commission authorized a full investigation in the matter of In re: Bradford G. Marthens, Complaint No. 2010-7.

The Commission approved a second, 60-day extension of time to complete the investigation of In re: Charles D. Moreau, Complaint No 2010-2.

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