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Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee Unveils Updated Transition Website Featuring Open Government Ideas Forum

Providence, R.I.—Governor-elect Lincoln D. Chafee today unveiled his updated transition website, The website features an Open Government Ideas Forum where Rhode Islanders can submit suggestions on how to improve state government. It also allows them to apply to serve in state government.

“As Governor, I will invite Rhode Islanders to get involved in their government, encourage them to serve their state, and ask them for ideas on how to make government more efficient and effective,” Chafee said. “I want everyone involved, and I hope to foster a spirit of service and participatory citizenship.”

“I also plan to work with to improve government transparency and responsiveness online, beginning with my transition website,” Chafee added.

The transition website uses Twitter, Facebook and UserVoice to allow Rhode Islanders to engage with their government. Visitors to the website can submit and vote on ideas, subscribe to press briefings, and follow the Governor-elect on Twitter.

The transition website shares content from (, which is Rhode Island's homepage and official website, a collaborative effort between the state of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Interactive. The website and online services are developed and maintained by Rhode Island Interactive, a Providence-based part of eGovernment firm NIC’s (NASDAQ: EGOV) family of companies. In addition to offering paper-savings online services, is committed to using 100% green electricity and recycled paper for all internal printing and copying.

Governor-elect Lincoln D. Chafee will be the first independent Governor in Rhode Island history. His winning campaign focused on a new way forward for Rhode Island, one based on honesty, integrity, and independence. Chafee has pledged to utilize the state’s existing assets to maximize economic growth and job creation, to address the state’s fiscal instability through an honest budget process, and to root out the cronyism and corruption that have long run rampant in Rhode Island and are harmful to economic growth. Chafee previously served four years on the Warwick City Council, nearly four two-year terms as Mayor of Warwick, and seven years as US Senator. Most recently, he spent two years as Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Brown’s Watson Institute for International Studies, and wrote Against the Tide: How a Compliant Congress Empowered a Reckless President.

Contact: Mike Trainor Office: 401-222-4029 Cell: 401-252-1097

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