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Attorney General Peter Kilmartin Announces Intention to Proceed With Involuntary Civil Commitment of Michael Woodmansee

Upon learning the news that convicted child killer Michael Woodmansee has agreed to voluntary civil commitment; Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin announced his intention to continue to pursue involuntary commitment.

“While voluntary civil commitment ensures Michael Woodmansee will not be released into the community this summer, it is does not guarantee that is where he will remain. Involuntary civil commitment will give the state a much greater role in his custody and treatment, and is not subject to the whims of a criminally dangerous individual,” said Attorney General Kilmartin.

“With the psychiatric reports just completed, it is in the best interest of the public to at least explore involuntary civil commitment now, rather than wait until such time as Mr. Woodmansee chooses to end voluntary civil commitment. Involuntary commitment is more predictable. We should use every legal tool available to us to keep Mr. Woodmansee in a secure facility and out of our neighborhoods until he no longer poses a threat to others.”

The Office of Attorney General will file a motion with the Court to subpoena the psychiatric evaluations.

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