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Rhode Island Achieves 100% Newborn Screening Rate in 2011

The Rhode Department of Health (HEALTH) announces that 100% of the 11,653 Rhode Island infants born in 2011 received a newborn blood-spot screening. This achievement underscores the success of a state public health program that consistently reaches between 99 and 100% of newborns each year.

"Newborn screening involves a simple blood test used to identify many life-threatening illnesses before any symptoms begin," said Director of Health Michael Fine, MD. "Rhode Island could not have reached such a perfect rate of screening without the help of our many partners in public health."

Newborn screening aims to identify and treat conditions as early as possible to prevent death or disability and enable children to reach their full potential. Rhode Island law requires birthing hospitals to screen newborns for 28 conditions, all of which are recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics.

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