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Attorney General Kilmartin Statement on the Rhode Island Supreme Court Opinion Upholding the Conviction and Sentence of Esteban Carpio

"The Supreme Court rightfully saw Carpio's appeal for what is was; another attempt by a cold-blooded murderer to place blame for his actions on mental illness. The stabbing of Mrs. Gatta and the murder of Detective Allen were not the reckless acts of a delusional man, but were done with premeditation and without compunction by a thoroughly shrewd, depraved and evil criminal," said Attorney General Kilmartin.

"It is difficult to imagine a defendant more deserving of life without parole than Esteban Carpio, who, in cold blood, murdered the man who called him to account for stabbing a helpless elderly woman. The imposition of the State's highest penalty was highly appropriate and well-deserved, not only by the defendant himself, but also by the family of Detective Sergeant James Allen and his colleagues in the Providence Police Department, along with all members of law enforcement organizations in the State of Rhode Island."

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