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RIDOT stresses safety as motorcyclists observe National Ride to Work Day

As motorcyclists around the State gear up for the 21st annual Ride to Work Day on Monday, June 18, The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) would like to remind riders and motorists to safely share the road.

"There are economic and environmental benefits to riding a motorcycle, and many Rhode Islanders are taking advantage of this," RIDOT Director Michael P. Lewis said. "As the weather gets warmer and more people take their motorcycles out, we urge all riders and drivers to be extra attentive and stay safe on our roadways."

Started in 1992, Ride to Work Day is an opportunity for riders to showcase motorcycles as a viable alternative to travel to and from work. Motorcycles consume less fuel and produce fewer carbon emissions, as well as ease congestion by taking up less space on the roadways. And with more than one million riders expected to observe Ride to Work Day nationwide, the event also reminds all drivers to be safe on the road.

For motorcyclists, this means obeying the traffic laws, wearing helmets and other protective gear, and making themselves easily visible by wearing bright colors and using reflective tape. Drivers in other vehicles can do their part by allowing extra following distances for motorcycles, signaling early, and properly checking mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn.

"Most importantly, drivers should limit their cell phone use while operating any type of vehicle," Lewis said. "Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone, whether you are on a bike or in a car."

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