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What is the criteria to acquire a disability parking sticker? Are they reviewed at all or are they forever? What kind of enforcement is done by DMV?

Applications for new/renewal Disability Parking Placards must be completed in the disabled person's name (not a parent, caretaker, guardian or person with Power of Attorney). The applicant authorizes the physician completing the form to discuss and release any or all of the medical records to DMV representatives solely for the purpose of assessing their application. This application must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the physician's certification.

The physician determines the length of the disability as a temporary condition that is expected to last a minimum of two months and a maximum of twelve months; a long term condition of one to three years duration, or a permanent condition in excess of three years. If a person's medical condition changes, their need for a disability parking placard may be cancelled or extended with physician documentation.

Disability Placards must be displayed on the rear-view mirror with the front of the placard facing out so the expiration sticker is visible through the windshield. The placard should only be displayed when the vehicle is parked, not while it is in motion. The placard may only be used by the person with the disability if they are driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle. It cannot be transferred to others.

Rhode Island General Law states, "A person, other than a person with a disability, who for his or her own purposes uses the parking privilege placard, shall be fined five hundred dollars ($500) for each violation. A person issued a special placard who uses the placard after expiration, or who shall allow unauthorized use of the disability parking placard or sticker, may be subject to immediate revocation of the use of the placard by the DMV, and subject to a fine of five hundred dollars ($500)."

For more information about obtaining a Disability Parking Placard call 401 462-5840. To download the forms, or to learn how to save time and renew your license and registration online, visit our website at

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