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When a disability placard is expiring, will the DMV send another placard to the person or does the person have to re-apply for it?

RI DMV sends out renewal notices to individuals in possession of permanent disability placards. If you have a disability placard that is long-term or temporary (red), you must obtain a renewal application, fill out the information and bring it to your physician to complete. Your doctor will decide if your need for a disability placard is temporary, long-term or permanent, based upon your medical condition. Once completed, mail it or bring the renewal form to RI DMV, Disability Placard Office, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Please make sure the application is sent to DMV within sufficient time to allow for processing prior to the expiration of the existing placard. The temporary or long-term placard will have an expiration sticker on it when you receive it in the mail. If your permanent placard is being renewed, DMV will mail your expiration sticker and you must affix it to the front of your permanent placard.

License renewals can also be done online if you meet the requirements. To learn more about online license renewals and other DMV services, visit our website at

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