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I have noticed over the past few years that people are now placing their registration stickers "ALL OVER" their license plates, to the point where the letters and numbers are being covered. I always thought they were to be placed the lower right corner?

Also, I have noticed many vehicles are now putting dark tint over all the side windows and front windshield. I had always thought tint was permitted from the back of the driver's seat on back? Maybe these two issues could be corrected when owners go to get their vehicle inspected, a rejection notice could be issued until they get it corrected.

There are state laws covering both issues. By statute, registration stickers are to be placed on the lower right corner of the license plates so that they do not obscure the letters and numbers.

The RI Window Tint Law states that all windows of passenger vehicles operated upon any public highway, must have a total light transmittance of not less than 70%. The use of sunscreen material on windows behind the driver on trucks, buses, trailers, mobile homes, campers, multipurpose vehicles, charter buses, funeral service vehicles, or limousines, is permitted however the windshield and front side windows of these vehicles must still meet the 70% light transmittance.

There are a number of other exemptions to this state law including vehicles owned or leased by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, vehicles not required to be registered in Rhode Island or vehicles solely used to provide executive security to persons within this state. (The owner must obtain permission from the local police chief where the vehicle is garaged and registered before the waiver is granted). Exemptions are also allowed to operators who have an affidavit signed by a physician or an optometrist licensed to practice in RI that states the person has a physical condition that makes it necessary to equip the motor vehicle with a sunscreening device which may exceed federal standards. In that case, upon DMV review and approval, a certificate of exemption may be issued.

If a vehicle fails to conform to these requirements, it is currently cause for rejection at the time of inspection. The window tint laws are also currently enforced by Law Enforcement Agencies and DMV through road side safety checks.

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