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Rhode Island State Police, National Guard, Blood Centers Assist Massachusetts Response to Marathon Bombings

Governor Chafee Pledges Continued Support

Providence, RI - In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, a number of Rhode Island agencies and organizations provided assistance to the State of Massachusetts, City of Boston, and area hospitals to aid their response and recovery. The Rhode Island State Police provided four troopers with explosive-detecting canines, the Rhode Island National Guard provided a four-member Civil Support Team, and the Rhode Island Blood Center sent approximately 330 units of blood products to assist with lifesaving efforts. Governor Chafee has directed these organizations and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency to remain in close contact with Massachusetts officials and to assist in any way possible.

"I am grateful that our state has been able to assist the State of Massachusetts and the City of Boston during this difficult period," Governor Chafee said. "In addition to the donation of blood, the Rhode Island State Police and the Rhode Island National Guard have sent resources and assistance to Boston. It is at challenging times such as these that Americans come together and help one another, and we in Rhode Island will continue to do all we can for our neighboring state and to send our thoughts and prayers."

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