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The Ethics Commission held its 7th meeting of 2013 on June 4, 2013.

The Ethics Commission held its 7th meeting of 2013 on June 4, 2013.

The Commission took the following actions:

Issued Advisory Opinion 2013-20 to Anthony Ciacciarelli, an Inspector within the Department of Interceptor Maintenance at the Narragansett Bay Commission ("NBC"), opining that the Code of Ethics does not prohibit him from conducting Pipeline Assessment training sessions in his private capacity, provided that: (1) he completes such work outside of normal working hours and without the use of NBC resources; (2) he does not use his NBC position to recruit students; (3) he does not conduct training sessions for any former or current NBC contractors, or any contractors located within NBC's service area; and (4) he recuses from inspecting any work performed by a contractor that he is scheduled to train or has recently trained.

Adopted Regulation 36-14-1001.1 Limitations Period on Filing of Complaint that requires complaints to be filed with the Ethics Commission no later than six (6) years from the date of the alleged violation of the Code of Ethics.

Approved an Informal Resolution & Settlement in the matter In re: Kimberly Gaffett, Complaint No. 2013-3. There, the Respondent, a member of the New Shoreham Town Council, admitted to failing to recuse from participation when her business associate appeared before the Town Council in violation of Commission Regulation 5002(a)(2). A civil penalty of $250 was imposed.

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Release date: 06-06-2013

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