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Second Quarter Job Numbers Greater than Originally Estimated

Second quarter tax data indicates that Rhode Island job growth continued to be greater than originally estimated, with 2,800 more jobs than first reported for June 2013. This would bring the total number of Rhode Island-based jobs in June to 469,500.

Additionally, the estimates derived from tax data show that over the year, Rhode Island gained 4,300 jobs, as compared to earlier estimates showing a job gain of only 1,500.

These revised estimates indicate that the state outperformed its year-over-year growth from the same time period last year; Rhode Island had gained 2,800 jobs from June 2011 to June 2012.

The sector with the most significant upward revision is Accommodation & Food Services, with 2,900 more Rhode Island-based jobs in June than originally estimated. Also, the Health Care & Social Assistance sector showed a significant upward revision, with 1,400 more RI-based jobs in June. Other sectors with notable upward revisions include Retail Trade (700), Construction (600) and Other Services (500).

"This data underscores this importance of health care, retail trade and hospitality industries in our state," said Director of the Department of Labor and Training Charles J. Fogarty. The Health Care & Social Services sector ranks number one among private sector employment in Rhode Island, followed by the Retail Trade sector and the Accommodation & Food Service sector, according to the department's Labor Market Information Unit.

The sector with the largest downward revision is Professional and Business Services (-900), due mainly to fewer administrative and waste-related jobs. Other sectors with notable downward revisions include Educational Services (-800) and Financial Activities (-800).

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Department or agency: Department of Labor and Training


Release date: 10-08-2013

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