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DEM to Hold October 30 Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to Air Pollution Regulations

Proposed Changes Would Relieve RI Businesses of Significant Financial and Operational Requirements

PROVIDENCE -The Department of Environmental Management will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, October 30 on proposed amendments to Air Pollution Control Regulation No. 11, "Petroleum Liquids Marketing and Storage," and adoption of the "Rhode Island Stage II Vapor Control Program Discontinuation State Implementation Plan Revision" (SIP Revision).

The proposed amendments would allow for decommissioning of Stage II vapor recovery systems at gasoline dispensing facilities. Stage II systems are no longer necessary for the capture of vehicle refueling emissions because most gasoline vehicles are now equipped with onboard refueling vapor recovery systems that control those emissions. The proposed phase-out of the Stage II program is a strong step in updating an environmentally beneficial program to reflect new conditions, and is being done in a way that relieves Rhode Island businesses of significant financial and operational requirements.

In addition, the proposed changes would strengthen requirements for Stage I vapor control systems, which capture vapors displaced from storage tanks at gasoline dispensing facilities during tank truck deliveries. They would also specify best management practices for gasoline dispensing facilities consistent with those in the federal regulations for this source category.

"Decommissioning the Stage II requirement, and altering the Stage I regulation is a win for the business community, and a win for the environment. The Department is to be commended for proposing to eliminate an antiquated regulation that only costs gas station owners unnecessary money to operate and no longer provides the air quality benefits that the original program did," said Lenette Boisselle, Rhode Island legislative liaison for the American Petroleum Institute.

The Office of Air Resources has determined that implementation of these regulatory changes would not have a significant adverse economic impact on small businesses, cities or towns. The costs associated with required upgrades of Stage I systems at gasoline dispensing facilities will be more than offset by the reduction in operating and equipment costs that will be realized by those facilities when the Stage II systems are decommissioned.

The October 30th hearing will be held at 10 a.m. in Room 300 at DEM Headquarters, located at 235 Promenade Street in Providence. The building is accessible to those with disabilities. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodation should contact the Office of Air Resources at TCDD (401) 222-6800 or (401) 222-2808 at least three business days prior to the hearing.

Written comments on the proposed amendments will be accepted until 4 p.m. on October 30, and may be sent to DEM's Office of Air Resources at the above address or emailed to Barbara Morin at It is requested that persons who wish to make comments during the public hearing submit a copy of their statement for the record.

Copies of the proposed amendments, SIP Revision and associated fact sheet are available from DEM's Office of Air Resources weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and online on DEM's website at

For more information, contact Barbara Morin at (401) 222-4700, ext. 7012, TCDD (401) 222-6800, or via email at

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