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PR 13-27 LeMoult v. Town of Barrington – No Violation

The Complainant alleged that a Town of Barrington's representative on the East Bay Community Development Corporation Board ("EBCDC") was a "person, partnership, corporation, or business entity acting on behalf of and/or in place of any public agency," therefore, the failure to keep minutes of the EBCDC meetings was a violation of the APRA. R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-2(1); R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-3(c). The evidence demonstrated that this Town representative was simply that, a representative of the Town serving on the EBCDC Board. There was no evidence that an agency relationship existed. Additionally, the Town did not violate the APRA when it did not provide the Complainant with records concerning a "database" used by the Town to examine the housing needs of its residents when the evidence demonstrated that the Town does not maintain its own database on housing needs, but rather relies on the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) data, so there was no other "public record" to provide.

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