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Deadline for Disaffiliation of Candidates

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Rhode Island Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis announced that today through Marc 27th are the dates in the Election Calendar in which candidates may disaffiliate.

Candidates filing a declaration of candidacy for party nominations must be disaffiliated from any other political party (if a member) at least 90 days prior to filing their declaration of candidacy. It's important to note, that if someone wishes to run as an Independent candidate, the 90 days does not apply.

"I want to ensure this year's political candidates are aware that the deadline is here to disaffiliate, and our 2014 Election Calendar is easily accessible to the general public at," said Mollis.

Secretary Mollis is dedicated to promoting voter registration and turnout, maintaining the state's central voter registration system and publishes handbooks that provide crucial dates in the election cycle; as well as explaining how to run for office, and how to register and vote. For more information on the Office of Secretary of State or our Election Division, please visit our website at

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Department or agency: Office of the Secretary of State


Release date: 03-25-2014

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