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State of the Art Autism Treatment Center to Open in Cranston, Rhode Island

Bierman ABA Autism Center will open doors this summer, aided by logistical assistance from R.I. Commerce Corporation

Bierman ABA Autism Center, one of the leading treatments for autism will be arriving in Rhode Island tis July, with plans to lease space in Cranston and hire a number of therapists based on need. This marks the first Bierman ABA Autism Center in Rhode Island. The organization currently has eight other facilities, including two in Massachusetts. The center worked closely with the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation on site selection and navigating state protocols.

"When deciding where to open our next treatment center, one of our main considerations was access to a talented workforce," said Ed Agarwal of the Bierman Institute. "Given the nature of one-on-one contact with our children, it is important for us to build the best team in our field. We hire selectively and train constantly, so it's paramount we employee the best candidates, which we plan to find in Rhode Island."

"New England is home to some of the finest health care in the country and we are pleased this vital service will now be housed in Rhode Island," said Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce Stefan Pryor. "The Bierman ABA Autism Center will train and hire specialized and highly-educated therapists, but most importantly make a real impact on the lives and wellness of those in our community. We warmly welcome them to Rhode Island."

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a type of therapy that focus on improving socially significant behavior. ABA therapy is the most effective evidence-based treatment for autism and is recommended by physicians, the American Psychological Association, and the US Surgeon General.

The Bierman ABA Autism Treatment Center utilizes a highly personalized and intensive approach to therapy, as individualized as the diverse needs of the children and families served.


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