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Roberts steps into the national debate on healthcare, leading a policy session during the winter meetings of the National Lieutenant Governors’ Association

PROVIDENCE — Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts will step into a national leadership role on the universal health coverage debate Thursday at her first meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors’ Association (NLGA) in Washington, DC. Roberts, the only freshman lieutenant governor chosen to lead a policy session, will discuss states’ healthcare efforts across the country including the 2006 Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan.

“As a leader in the fight for quality, affordable healthcare for all Rhode Islanders, I look forward to leading this national discussion on the direction of healthcare in our country,” Roberts said. “The universal coverage experience in Massachusetts is invaluable to Rhode Islanders, and all Americans, as we try to move our own states toward providing affordable healthcare for all our residents.”

In addition to her leadership role, Roberts will participate in sessions on homeland security, the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind, and the future of transportation and transportation infrastructure issues facing the states. Congressional members and officials from various federal agencies will be present at these sessions to help facilitate discussion between lieutenant governors.

Roberts is also the co-sponsor of three resolutions relating to pandemic flu preparations, gun safety, and a resolution that proposes changes to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Roberts has spent over a decade distinguishing herself as one of Rhode Island’s most respected advocates for quality, affordable healthcare for every family and has built a statewide reputation for being a tireless leader on health and medical issues. Roberts currently chairs the Long Term Care Coordinating Council and has been designated the chair of a joint legislative task force, the focus of which will be the recently enacted Massachusetts Universal Health Care Reform Plan.


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