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Lt. Gov. Roberts, Broad Coalition of Business, Health Care Leaders and Consumers to Oppose Elimination of Health Insurance Commissioner

PROVIDENCE— Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts will hold a press conference with business, health care leaders and consumers TOMORROW, June 23, at 12:30 p.m. at the State House to oppose the elimination of the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner. The state budget for 2009-2010 approved last week by the House Finance Committee would eliminate the Health Insurance Commissioner’s office, and the affordability protections it provides to Rhode Island businesses and families, effective July 1. Business owners, health care providers, Chambers of Commerce, advocacy groups and others will explain why the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner must be restored.

The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner was created by the General Assembly in 2004 to protect the interests of consumers and providers, make health insurance more affordable, ensure the solvency of insurers and work toward improving the health care system. As a state senator, Lt. Gov. Roberts was one of the architects of the health care reform that created the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner in 2004.

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