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The Ethics Commission held its 11th meeting of 2009 on July 21, 2009.

Ethics Commission Meeting July 21, 2009

At the 11th meeting of the Commission in 2009, the Commission issued the following advisory opinion:

A.O. 2009-26 to James T. Conway, Jr., Deputy Chief of the Valley Falls Fire Department, opining that the Code of Ethics does not prohibit the Petitioner, from serving in that position while his nephew simultaneously serves as a firefighter within the same department, provided that certain procedures are followed so that the Petitioner is removed from personnel decisions or other matters that particularly affect his family member.

A.O. 2009-27 to Matthew W. Robinson, a member of the East Providence Planning Board and the East Providence Historic District Commission, who is also an East Providence Police Officer, opining that the Code of Ethics does not inherently prohibit such simultaneous public service.

A.O. 2009-28 to Edward A. Giroux, a member of the West Warwick Town Council, opining that he may participate and vote on the West Warwick School Committee budget as a whole, notwithstanding that his spouse is a teacher employed by the West Warwick School Department.

A.O. 2009-29 to Philip C. Marks, a member of the Tiverton Planning Board, opining that he is not prohibited from participating in the Planning Board’s provision of an advisory opinion to the Tiverton Town Council regarding a request by the Tiverton Yacht Club for the rezoning of a portion of the Town, notwithstanding that he is a former general member of the Yacht Club and his sibling is a current general member of the Yacht Club.

A.O. 2009-30 to N. David Bouley, a member of the Woonsocket Planning Board, opining that he may participate in Planning Board matters involving the proposed development of a new CVS Caremark retail store, notwithstanding that his daughter is employed by Rite Aid Corporation, a competitor of CVS, and that other family members were previously employed by CVS.

The Commission made a second and final vote to withdraw General Commission Advisory (GCA) No. 1 (Nepotism), GCA No. 10 (Regarding RISDIC), and GCA No. 11 (Activities of a State or Municipal Official in Connection with Decisions Concerning His or Her Property, or the Property of Certain Relatives). Additionally, the Commission voted to amend and adopt GCA 2009-1 Nepotism .

Discussion was had of Staff research on participation of public officials who are union members in actions involving a different bargaining unit of the same umbrella labor union.

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