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The Ethics Commission held its 12th meeting of 2009 on August 18, 2009.

Ethics Commission Meeting August 18, 2009

At the 12th meeting of the Commission in 2009, the Commission issued the following advisory opinion:

A.O. 2009-31 to Patrick Luther, Chief Plumbing Investigator for the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, opining that the Code of Ethics prohibits him from working as a plumber and pipefitter in the State of Rhode Island.

A.O. 2009-32 to Joseph Knight, a member of the Pawtucket School Committee, opining that he is prohibited from participating in contract negotiations with the Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance, RIFT Local 930, given that his wife is a teacher in the Pawtucket School District and a member of Local 930, but that he is not prohibited from participating in negotiations with the group representing school department administrators and AFSCME Council 94, Local 1352, which represents school department non-professional staff.

The Commission made a second and final vote to adopt General Commission Advisory (GCA) 2009-1: Nepotism. The Commission also made a first vote to withdraw Amended GCA No. 6 (Salary Raises), and to adopt the newly drafted GCA 2009-2: Public Officials’ Actions Involving their own Stipends, Salaries, Compensation or Benefits.

Discussion was had regarding “core legislative acts" as well as the Complainant’s role in the complaint process.

A status update on Joseph S. Larisa, Jr. v. Rhode Island Ethics Commission, Superior Court C.A. No. 08-7325 was provided.

Collection Actions Update on the following matters were provided:

(1) In re: Louis Aponte, Complaint No. NF2005-3

(2) In re: John Celona, Complaint Nos. 2003-9, 2004-4 & 2004-8

(3) In re: Aisha Abdullah-Odiase, Complaint Nos. 2001-34 & NF2002-1

(4) In re: Patrick T. McDonald, Complaint Nos. 2001-41 & NF2002-13

(5) In re: Brenda Gaynor, Complaint No. 2001-32

(6) In re: Robert Ritacco, Complaint No. 97-40

(7) In re: J. Michael Levesque, Complaint Nos. 92-60 & 92-61

(8) In re: Robert D. Hallal, Complaint No. 89-42

(9) In re: Sarah Murphy, Complaint No. NF85-36

(10) In re: Thomas Feeney, Complaint No. NF84-23

(11) In re: Barbara Edler, Complaint No. NF80-13

(12) In re: Michael Kelly, Complaint No. NF78-21

(13) In re: Michael Sepe, Complaint No. 78-29

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